There is nothing about me for now , offline has taken my identity and it has made my life misarable.

For me now to breath I need money more than oxygen, every minutes counts , I have deadlines and all this time in my life I have returned things always before deadlines , but this time I just feel sorry because I have no way to return things on time,

Money is something which destroys your life , and it always depends on what situation you are 

For me it is not easy just to stay like nothing happened , but I am inside a tunnel which has no return it’s Call the offline tunnel , I got a chance to escape but some hope held me back inside the offline  tunnel and it dragged me deeper and deeper , now I am in a state where i always have to keep my mind offline , 

The more deeper I went I reached to a place full of mysteries where I met aliens , they gave me hope and I followed them. Which really destroyed the last hopes in my life.

But I was lucky that  I met a Doraemon , Doraemon which gave me hope to life again which really change my focus to another side of life , Doraemon is from the Dark world , Doraemon has kept me busy all these days Because Doraemons life has given me a purpose to live again ,  I really need to save Doraemon  , Doraemon has no clue what real life is , I need to show and teach Doraemon many things So I started writing ,  and at the end I created this blog with all my writings, Till now I did not give up because of Doraemon because I need to achieve my target no matter what and I should never give up and need to survive and find the way out of the tunnel so I can live normal again and save Doraemon.

In this blog there is a section for all my thoughts and Boems (Boems are not articles nor poems it is something in between which I learned from the Offline Tunnel.