How to Ruin Your Life

In this world no one wants to ruin there own life , but there are many situations where people has done it without knowing what they were doing.

The main reason behind ruining your life is for survival , for ruining your life there are many loops which you have to go through   , when each loop is passed you will be going to the next loop , because the speed will be increasing after each loop, during this process of ruining your life until third loop you can recover your life , but if it goes beyond the seventh loop  there is no return back. Because you will be ending up in a tunnel  , where your limits will be tested to the maximum , the  loops are interconnected with each other the starting is slow but the the further you go the speed increases and there is no way to stop it.

For ruining your life you just have to create a infinite loop (IL) by going to a option called (EMO) Easy Money Option , 

EMO is the option you have to choose in your life to begin the process of ruining your life.

later will explain the meaning and how to create the loops to ruin your life and how to go for EMO  in life , once you chose the EMO the first loop you will go through is called the (LL) loan loop which is the beginning of the process 

So let’s see the process of ruining our life and how and why people choose the EMO in life ,

There are many people who is honest and working so hard daily in there life , they are honest and work so hard but their work is not appreciated, they get so small salary that they cannot fulfill their  daily needs in life ,  so they start looking for new ways to earn more money but they have to work 24/7 in there jobs and  they don’t get another chance to do any other work. There mind get tired and start looking for a easy way to get money , most of the people fall in to this situation are honest and good people , and also they are married and  have a family with children 

People fall in to this situation in stages too 

First of all after completing the college they start looking for a partner to get married , to get married they need a stable income so they start looking for a job, once they get the job they get married , thinking they can live a happy life, these kind of people are honest in the jobs and do the task given to them properly because there daily income is the only way they can live a happy life. , most of the companies take advantage of these people they give them salary increase at the same time so much work load , these people because of there honesty they just concentrate on work and they stay in the job for longer times , these people thinking they are stable they get children in there married life which is one reason they get trapped in there boring life because to make the family happy they need money and to get money need to work, the companies take advantage of the situation because they also know that the person is depending on the company to earn money ,  they never give them proper salary , when someone is like that and if there income does not cover the monthly requirement  their mind start creating or looking for other options , this is where things get worse, because they don’t have time, they start creating this small hope for easy money at the back of the mind it is always there , it always keep on looking for options 

This happens because there is no money for saving after their  daily or month spending , because there daily income is mostly gone and finish in the daily needs , schools fees , electricity and water bill , food , no money left for vacation even on holidays these people can see others going for vacation but they have to spend there time in office doing work and work, the wife starts complaining the children start getting bored staying at home , because of there honesty to the job they get no option there mind get no choice but to look for a way for easy money 

This is a common example this scenario might be different in other countries depending on the culture but the bottom line is that everyone go for the ELO because they don’t get enough money no matter what they do but they want to to survive.

This is the first stage of ruining your life , getting married after college without a way to get income on your own , depending on someone else salary , working for wrong people , 

The second stage is looking for a easy income – since they cannot leave the job they start looking for other options and make them go for the LL option.

The easy money option is the beginning of ruining your life , 

It is where you create your first loop in your life , a loop which is the beginning to ruin your life 

This is where people enter in to (LO) Loan Options  , they start taking loans from banks , friends and take credit cards , because they need money in order to survive and live a happy life 

The easy money options is not easy because at the end of the month again your salary is gone in to the loan repayments , again have to take loans , so now you are trapped in a small loop.

Again your mind start working on how to get out of the loan loop , 

Once you are in the Loan Loop in order to get out and become normal you will need a big amount of extra free money , because without that there is no end to the LL.

Your brain will start searching for more options , options how you can become normal again , this is where you enter the next loop, most of the people in this loop they end up becoming debtors in life 

This is the stage that you will be starting doing the unthinkable, most of the people in the Loan loop in order to get more money and to recover themselves they start hoping on lot of things , this is where things get worse , they hope that they will get big amount of money so they can pay all their debts , while in this loop without knowing you will slowly upgrade your status to a debtor , it happen because in order to recover will be taking more and more risks in life 

Once you are fully upgraded to the debtor status the process of ruining your life will follow automatically, in this stage you will taste the process  and feel it too, 

Below are some signs you will feel and taste after fully upgraded to the debtor status successfully 

banks will be calling and threatening you

  1. You will start hating your self 
  2. Everything around you will become blur 
  3. You will see the world around you differently 
  4. No one will help you nor trust you
  5. You start feeling guilty 
  6. Your mind will be full 
  7. Your life will be miserable 
  8. Your biggest wish will be to rewind your life back 
  9. People will never believe you but blame you 
  10. Close friends become bullies for you
  11. Your accounts become zero 

Once you are upgraded successfully you will loose everything you own in your life it will become past , you will be starting doing same mistake again and again because you cannot think 

On the process to ruining your life the next stage you have to choose is the offline tunnel , This is where you will be meeting your new friends , same like you , in the same situation as you are , this will be the place you have to live rest of your life, it will be your new family this is the beginning of the IL (infinite loop), 

Offline tunnel is the most comprehensive and most complicated system so far build in the world for all the debtors it is a hidden secret platform , so far around the globe every day people go in to this tunnel , for a normal person they will never see this or will never hear about this comprehensive platform. It is where your speed in ruining your life increase , it is where your mind will be destroyed , it is where you will start hearing about billions and trillions. It is where you will learn what is Hope meaning of the word hope, every day will be a new day , years will become days , days will become minutes only place where the time is still , 

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