Nothing More To Say

I gave you everything
I gave you all what you need
I take you to all the places
The places which you want to go
So you don’t have to spent or go with others
I expected so many things from you 
Thinking you will also know what I wanted
I wanted nothing from you but you to change
I wanted you to change your life 
I wanted to show you a good life
I wanted you to live good 
I wanted you to forget about your past
But I don’t think it works 
No matter what I do 
No matter what I say
No matter what I tell you 
You always listen to others
Others who always use you 
Others who will leave you the day you have nothing
I tried many ways to make you understand 
But No matter how hard I tried you could not
Everything has a limit 
Every hope has a limit too
If things do not work the way you want 
You will also just leave it for sure
Today I feel the same way 
Today I feel that I should make that decision 
Because You cannot understand and appriciate.
Because you actions are so different 
Hiding things will never solve problems 
Hiding things will never make your life stable
Hiding things will just make everything worse
I got nothing more to say 
I got nothing more to tell you 
Because everything I want I already told you.
Not one time but many times.
But for you it seems like nothing
Nothing more to say 
Because you always follow others

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