The Blind Side of Love

I thought I knew what love was
The downfalls
The hard times
The sad times 
Everything I had experienced 
I thought I knew it all well
But until I met you I knew I was wrong
Again and again I am in love again
The downfalls , the hard times , the sad times
It is happening to me again
I could not control 
I asked my self why this happened to me
I wanted to find answers for this
I sit and think and now I can little bit understand
All the final answers I got
The conclusions I had now
When love is mixed with emotions and sympathy
It becomes alive and strong
It start taking your mind and heart 
Wrapped like a plastic bag , 
Which will be there for centuries touring you 

When I met you I started creating this character in my mind
A poor girl , no way to live happy, 
No one to help, 
Force to work
Agains your will, 
Because you have no choice at all
Everyone using you , 
But you like to be good,
You want to change
But you got no chance to become good , 
People beating you 
Everyone using your body, your boss forcing you to drink alcohol,
You really need help ,
You want to go out from this hell , 
You are looking for someone to help you, 
Like this many thoughts 
Which I believed all your stories you told me

Which really trapped me and made me to love you 
which really forced me to forget about my life and my problems too
I did everything I could 
even I have my own problems with me many
I close my ears and eyes to all my desires and issues 
Just to save you 
But now I just feel it was just a illusion and a lie
A lie which you told me so I will help you
Because today you got everything 
I got nothing 
But you live happy with someone else 
But I live alone still struggling begging you 
Today I feel sad and worried but you live happy and having fun
Today you got money but I got nothing 
I spend all I got just to save you from the hell which you were living in
Today I am asking my self where is the girl I was in love with
The girl who needed help 
The girl who told me that she would help me
The girl who told me who will stay with me forever
The girl who told me that will do everything for me
The girl who promised me who will helped me in any situation
Today I see totally different side of you 
I did not know what happen but feel like I was used again
Today I feel sad and bored thinking about you 
Because I thought when you get all you need 
You will be helping to build my life and try to help my problems too
We can work to gather
You will be always by my side helping me
Helping me to recover my life too
Helping me to solve my problems 
You will never leave me alone like all others did to me
But today it is not like that 
Still I am alone and you never work with me
Still I am alone waiting for you to come and help me
But you still keep on living the same way with someone else
Never thinking about me or my feelings
Never thinking I really need help from you too

Love is blind , and it blinds you to create your own characters 
Character for the person you are in love with
Until you start feeling sad and lost 
With regrets which you will question your self again and again
Which you will not be able to change but have to leave by your self.
Because the love you thought would build you life will be just a dream
A dream which you thought will happen and but it never happened.

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