The Rule of The World

Everything has an end
Every Life has an end
Every event has an end
Every day has an end
Every thing you do has an end
There is nothing without an end
Even if you like it or not 
Even if you want it or not
Nothing will Change
Nothing can Change
Its the rule which is builtin 
Its the rule which the universe follows
Its the rule which we wish never exist
Its the rule which no one can change
Nothing last for ever 
Nothing stays for ever
Nothing can change this for ever
Nothing can be fixed forever 
Every happiness has an end
Every Sadness has an end
Every Struggle has an end too
Without an end the world is meaningless
Without and end there is no end for anything
Every day depends on hours
Every Hour depends on minutes
Every Minutes depends on Seconds
Every Second Depends on millisecond 
Everything always depend on something 
Everything always depend on many things
Everything which we see is always depending on something
Its the rule of the life 
Its the rule of the world
Its the rules which no one can change
Everything has a rules
Everything needs a rule
Everything Depends and work on rules
Without rules nothing will work perfect
Without rules nothing will go smooth
Without rules this world will not exist

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